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Prospect Transportation and its subsidiary, Alternative Fuels Transportation, are fuel carriers that deliver liquid fuel to airports, gas stations, bus terminals, ferry docks, fleets and other refueling stations. Services are tailored to large fuel suppliers who require safe, reliable delivery with added value such as inventory management. About Us

Our philosophy is to meet the needs of our customers through a consistent commitment to safety, service and value. We deliver exceptional service daily by setting lofty goals and achieving them through teamwork. Prospect employees consistently represent the company in a professional manner. Our office staff maintains complete and accurate records on all personnel and transactions, and management continues to research and implement innovative ways to minimize operational cost while maintaining a safe and secure operation.

While our corporate office is located in Carlstadt, N.J., our ever growing service area spans Connecticut, New York State, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. We deliver outside our primary area as needed by our clients, and we excel at operating emergency fuel delivery networks in response to disasters and supply interruptions. We maintain a modern fleet of more than 250 vehicles, and we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Prospect Transportation is a four-generation family business founded in 1941 by Charles F. Eichholz.

Our Mission

Through continuous focus on core principals of Safety, Service, and Value, we will expand our abilities to support the needs and challenges of the petroleum industry. We will accomplish our goals by providing Professionalism, Operational Integrity, "Cutting Edge" Technology, and accountability to both our customers and the public.

Our Management Team

Eicholz Family President: Melissa Eichholz
Corporate Secretary & Chairman: Patricia Eichholz
VP Marketing & Sales: Jack McNamara
Dispatch Supervisor: Vin Zupanovich
Operational Compliance: John Ondrof
Maintenance & Facilities Manager: Ken Hugo
Safety Manager: Donald Peck
Controller: Bob McCloughy

Our Drivers

Prospect Transportation is a superior carrier because our drivers excel at safety, service and teamwork. Safety is the top priority at Prospect, and the drivers play the most critical role. We go to great lengths to promote safe driving and protect our customers:Our Drivers
  • We hire with care, gathering complete information on all prospective drivers and choosing those who have the common sense, commitment and skill that we demand.
  • Every new driver undergoes eight weeks of specialized in-house training.
  • New drivers are paired with veteran drivers on the road while they learn loading and unloading procedures.
  • Drivers receive continuing training so that they understand their responsibilities and compliance requirements and they are thoroughly prepared for all the challenges they might face on the job.
  • Every driver adheres strictly to Hours of Service regulations.
  • Drivers and vehicles are fully certified and insured.
  • We maintain a "zero tolerance" policy on drugs and alcohol. Everyone at our company - not just our drivers - undergoes drug and alcohol testing.
  • We conduct unannounced monitoring and evaluations for driving and delivery operations on a regular basis to assure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • We consistently exceed Deptartment of Transportation requirements.
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Dispatch Prospect Transportation thrives in even the most challenging circumstances because our dispatchers are very skilled at juggling priorities and managing an ever-changing workload. We hire and train dispatchers thoroughly with complete knowledge of operating area so that they are comfortable working under pressure.

Our dispatchers have the benefit of our enterprise-grade dispatch software. Prospect Transportation worked closely with a specialized software provider, Creative Energies, and developed custom software that accounts for all the variables affecting the scheduling of fuel deliveries.

Since its inception we have expanded this program to deliver proprietary solutions that exceed our initial functionality and capabilities.

Even with all the training and software that Prospect Transportation provides, dispatchers need to think on their feet. We hire excellent people and retain them for many years so that our customers always benefit from experience and intelligence in the dispatch center.

For more information about our Dispatch operation, visit our Dispatching page.


Fleet Prospect Transportation excels at on-time delivery year after year because we understand the essentials of excellent performance over the long haul. To provide the reliability that our customers demand, a carrier must operate a modern fleet and maintain it aggressively.

Our fleet is young and reliable, because we routinely take older trucks out of service and replace them with newer models. We research and purchase state of the art vehicles to help achieve better fuel mileage and equip them with excellent safety features and electronics.

We operate our own maintenance facility in Carlstadt, N.J., where we rotate all our trucks in for regular preventive maintenance. We inspect vehicles whenever we wash them (at least once every three days), so our customers can rest assured their load is being hauled by a well-kept truck.

For more information about our Fleet operation, visit our Fleet page.

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Prospect has eight strategically placed operating facilities that all operate under the direction of our corporate leadership. Our main terminal is located in Carlstadt N.J., with other locations in:

Corporate Building
Newburgh Patchogue
Jamaica Sewaren
Inwood Wharton

All facilities operate as directed by Corporate and utilize state of the art technology to ensure that safe and efficient operations are maintained. Our terminal facilities in Carlstadt, N.J., Jamaica, N.Y., and Newburgh, N.Y. operate 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are fully staffed for emergency response.

All facilities maintain electronically monitored fuel storage and management systems utilized for control, performance, and maintenance indicators.


Our customers insist on ultra-safe operations, and Prospect Transportation meets their needs. Our commitment to safety is visible throughout our operation, from our hiring to our training to our strict adherence to regulations that affect our operations.

Our Safety and Security Director oversees all our safety-related procedures with the help of our Safety Committee. Our philosophy is to document safety and security procedures and train all employees on an on-going basis.

Our customer service representatives are available around the clock, 24 hours a day ready to address any safety concerns.

To learn more about how we build safety into everything we do, please visit our Safety & Security page.


Prospect Transportation is one of the most successful fuel carriers in the Eastern United States because we consistently deliver the safety, service and value that major fuel customers demand. The key to our outstanding performance is the training that we provide for all employees. Training

We identify our priorities and those of our clients and then provide training to enable consistently excellent performance where it counts the most. As a fuel carrier whose work consists mostly of loading, hauling and unloading flammable fuels, we make safety the central component of all of our training. It is essential that our employees know how to prevent mishaps, as well as have a firm understanding of response procedures so they can minimize damage and loss in the event of an accident.

We operate a dedicated training facility at our Carlstadt, N.J. headquarters, where all employees learn how to prevent dangerous situations and how to respond in an emergency. We place a special emphasis on driver training. Every new driver completes eight weeks of training, learns on the job with experienced drivers, and then continues training so that they understand current regulations and never lose their focus on safe operations.

Moreover, our drivers receive ongoing defensive driving training through the Smith System®, the leading global provider of advanced driver training for experienced drivers. Their proprietary 5 Keys to Space Cushion Driving® focuses on the core driving fundamentals of space, visibility and time.

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Prospect Transportation is an industry leader in integrating technology that delivers value for fuel wholesalers and refueling operations. All our trucks are equipped with GPS and we Geo-fence all our loading and delivery sites to improve efficiency and control.

Technology also plays a vital role in our dispatching operation. We use a customized dispatch system that automatically enters many customer orders and enables our dispatchers to manage an ever-shifting workload with exceptional reliability.

Here is a look at some of our important technology innovations. We have:
  • Designed and developed a fully integrated system for complete operational management
  • Implemented centralized Order Processing and imaging of all documents
  • Added direct-linked voice and data lines to all operating facilities
  • Added custom reporting through software solutions
  • Integrated a website with customer access
  • Customized our data interchange systems
  • Implemented parts and inventory control tracking for maintenance and real-time cost-of-fleet operation
  • Implemented GPS tracking system of our entire fleet for optimum utilization and control
To learn more about our dispatch technology, please visit our Custom Dispatch Tracking page.

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Photo Galleries

For an inside look at Prospect Transportation's fleet and facilities, please check out our photo galleries.

Company History

Charles F. Eichholz founded Prospect Transportation, Inc. as a fuel oil hauling company in 1941. His son, Charles J. Eichholz, joined the company after World War II. Prospect came under its third generation of family leadership in 1986, when Charles W. Eichholz took over. Today the fourth generation is in place, in the persons of Charles H. Eichholz and Melissa Eichholz.

When Charles W. took over in 1986, the company had 15 drivers and a fleet of seven trucks. His commitment to growing the business led us to new heights. We are now the primary provider of fuel to numerous regional airports, and our fleet numbers more than 250 vehicles. Prospect Transportation is now recognized as one of the elite transporters on the East Coast, transporting more than 2 billion gallons per year.

In order to meet our customers growing needs and to better serve their market areas, Prospect acquired Alternative Fuels Transportation in 2008.

Since the acquisition, Alternative Fuels Transportation has grown and expanded its level of service, safety and value to that of Prospect Transportation.

Over the years, both companies have expanded their services to cover a full range of liquid petroleum products, including aviation fuels, gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel, diesel and kerosene. The Eichholz family continues to own and operate Prospect Transportation and Alternative Fuels Transportation with a commitment to safety, value and service. The family also invests aggressively in new technology to improve our performance and efficiency.

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