Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Disasters and service interruptions are a fact of life in the fuel industry, and a great carrier must have exceptional resources to respond to unforeseen challenges. Prospect Transportation excels at disaster relief operations, because we draw on a wealth of experience; a creative management team; an agile dispatch operation; and a large, well maintained fleet.

We honed our disaster relief skills in 2005 when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita created havoc in the fuel supply chain and sent wholesalers scrambling. Prospect quickly established a presence in Florida to provide emergency delivery services. This remote operation enjoyed the full support of our centralized dispatch, thanks to the exceptional flexibility of our team and our software.

Since 2005, we have further honed our disaster relief capabilities. We can now establish an emergency delivery operation quickly wherever a customer needs us in response to any interruption, including a storm or pipeline outage. We excel at establishing positions, coping with challenges, and building rapport, and our flexible dispatch operation enables us to control a relief operation as tightly as we control our routine deliveries.

Our expertise in disaster scenarios is a great added value to our customers, because they can cope with supply interruptions through their regular carrier without having to call on a third party and introduce a new element of uncertainty.