A great carrier needs a great fleet. Prospect Transportation has a long-standing commitment to operating a new, well-maintained fleet. We regularly purchase new Mack trucks and sell off our older models, because we appreciate the reliability, fuel efficiency and advanced features that Mack offers. Fleet

We also equip our vehicles with the best in tanks, manifolds, pumps and electronics, because it is our goal to make every delivery smooth, safe and efficient.

Vehicle maintenance is another top priority at Prospect Transportation. We maintain a dedicated maintenance garage at our Carlstadt, N.J. headquarters, where we perform preventive maintenance on a schedule. We also make periodic checks of every vehicle between scheduled maintenance visits. Our garage maintains an excellent parts inventory so we can make most repairs completely and without delay.

We also keep our vehicles clean, because clean vehicles reflect well on our company and on the businesses where we deliver fuel. We aim to wash every truck at least once every three days - and more often if necessary. Each time vehicles are washed, they receive a 10-point check, including brakes, lighting, hoses, and fittings.