Inventory Management

Inventory Managment Prospect Transportation manages filling station inventory by reading customer tank levels regularly and scheduling automatic deliveries accordingly. Customers enjoy consistent inventory without needing to spend time checking tank levels and ordering fuel, thanks to Prospect Transportation's robust trend reporting.

Inventory Management Features

  • Proprietary in-house design scalable to customer requests
  • Forecasting model
  • All stations are polled 24 times per day (hourly polling)
  • Model is based on a six-week moving average
  • Lifetime retention of tank polling data
  • Special Abilities
  • Community based early warning system (live LCD display as well as on-demand)
  • Rogue delivery detection
  • Regional indicator of sales in specific geographic markets
  • Stock out research and reporting
  • Statistical and real-time Tank inventory reports with projected sales information
  • Tank balancing and load size automated recommendation
  • Load size restrictions
  • Artificial tank limiting and concealment of actual tank configurations
  • On-demand polling
  • Full integration with our dispatch software
  • Real-time knowledge of current load status and scheduling
  • GPS integration to determine load completion status
  • Terminal delay detection
  • Multiple data interactions with dispatching software