Safety & Security

The safety and security of a carrier's operations are vital to all our customers and a successful operation. No fuel supplier wants to sustain the loss of time, money and credibility that results from a crash or other safety lapse, and Prospect Transportation goes to great lengths to avoid mishaps. Saftey and Security

Prospect Transportation, is committed to being the leader in the bulk transportation industry in safety and environmental performance. Our standards demonstrate a commitment by all levels of management to protecting people and the environment by adhering to and exceeding published governmental Safety and Environmental policies. With primary emphasis being placed on prevention, all personnel are held accountable for continual compliance and implementation of improvements.

With the complexities surrounding the transportation of hazardous materials, and the necessity of leadership commitment, it is our belief that only those companies that employ sound HS&E practices will succeed in today's marketplace. Our policies describe commitment, expectations, participation, performance, accountabilities, responsibilities, hazard recognition, control processes, and behavior based safety programs for all employees.

Safe operation begins at the top. Our owners, the Eichholz family, instill a commitment to safety throughout the company.
  • We meet and exceed DOT requirements for carrier operations.
  • We perform mandatory drug testing on every employee. We maintain a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, and every single employee, all the way to upper management, is tested.
  • We maintain a modern fleet and perform regular preventive maintenance on all vehicles.
  • Our management team includes a Safety and Security Director, and our Safety Committee is very active.
  • All vehicles are GPS-equipped, and we use geo-fencing on all customer locations.
  • Unannounced monitoring and evaluations for driving and delivery operations are performed on a regular basis to assure adherence to procedures.
  • Proactive investigation and aggressive incident analysis allow for targeted training lessons and an immediate correction process.
Prospect Transportation also works closely with clients to improve their security and loss prevention. We can use our tank readings to flag potential fraud and help our clients enforce their delivery contracts.

Ranked #1 in the U.S. in safety performance by the ExxonMobil Safety Tracking Group! Prospect Transportation is proud of its 92-week zero-incident/perfect safety record!

Zero Incidents and Zero Losses is the Prospect Way

We always tell our staff, "If it's not safe, don't do it!" We provide behavior-based training to prevent personal injuries, occupational illness, equipment damage, operational inefficiencies, regulatory violations and product quality incidents. Our staff education includes initial and on-going classroom and hands-on training to ensure standards and procedures are constantly maintained.

We Never Rest on Our Safety Record

Safety is such a vital part of our mission that we are always looking for new ways to prevent incidents and loss. We have developed an IT System that standardizes drivers' dispatch sheets and route cards for every location and integrates satellite imagery. The system is operational at all our facilities as well as most loading origins that are frequented by our drivers. Access to the system can be established anywhere via a high speed Internet connection.

We have also implemented a Driver Rating System. All drivers are flagged at Level 1 (rookie) through a Level 5 (expert). Each delivery location is rated and system-coded to prevent "rookies" from being assigned to tasks at critical or problematic locations that would be more safely conducted with a higher level of skill.

We Make Safe Operations Systematic

Our commitment to safe operations is reflected throughout our management practices. Here are some examples of the routines we use to promote safety:
  • The driver is the most critical resource a transport company has, so we maintain an open-door policy for direct interaction with top management. It is our belief this approach allows each driver a voice and makes them a decision-making part of the team.
  • Terminal managers and dispatch staff meet with each other on a bi-weekly basis to review goals, concerns, shortfalls, and accomplishments.
  • All Managers, including lead drivers, meet monthly to dis
  • cuss progress, future business plans and strategies. Everyone is on the same page, no secrets.
  • A company-wide bulletin board allows drivers, dispatchers, and managers to keep abreast of all aspects of our operation to achieve zero incidents and zero losses.